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Image I have always been an intelligent girl and good academic performer . I did my schooling from Mater Dei Convent School. I am a B.com graduate in first division from Sri Venketeswara College, Delhi University. I also opted for Actuarial Science , one of the highest paid profession and cleared nine exams under it which is very difficult.

I got married and could not pursue my career in this field . After being married and blessed with the two kids, I always had a strong urge to do something in life and not to let my talent and education go wasted.

Being born and brought up into a very religious family, I always had an interest in the field of Astrology and Vastu Shastra and as I couldn't pursue a career in the field of Actuarial Science, I decided to know what the reason was for my being unable to do so.

Doing a number of Astrology based LIVE shows with the Amar Ujala group. For me as a professional, Astrology is a pure form of science dealing with proper facts and logic. It has been very wrongly portrayed and used in our society to scare people. Rather it should be used as a guiding light to help people.

I was felicitated by the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Shri Trivendra Singh for excellence in Astrology. After opting for Astrology, I have a very positive outlook about life. From my experience, I want to convey a message to each and every women that it is never too late to do something in life. Stand up for yourself and achieve your goals

Why a Vastu Consultant is Good for Your Business

Industrial Vastu Consultant Noida explains the basic sense of creating the architecture of an office and the particular areas of the building such as the gates, fenestration, and meeting rooms. The main objective of our Vastu consulting service is the betterment of the industrial buildings. Our Best Industrial Vastu Consultant Saanvi Gupta mainly instructs the various ways to maintain the right equilibrium of the five elements of nature, earth, air, water, and sun in a building. And we at Industrial Vastu Consultant Noida will help you make the best use of natural energies.

So, if you are buying or moving to an office that requires better elemental energy, you must consult us, the Best Industrial Vastu Consultant. With the advice of our professional consultant, you will get better prosperity and peace wherever you live.